As part of our continued fundrasing efforts for NHS charities and direct support of frontline workers, we are implementing a scheme, where we can help out those who have looked after us the most during these turbid times, whilst similtaniuously support those businessses affected within the hospitality industry.


We have now set up this scheme, where you can add this to the basket (different price brackets depending on your generousity) where we will be using all of the money raised from this item, to buy gift vouchers from businesses within the hospitality sector, and donating them to NHS frontline workers, to use once this situation allows us to reopen.


The gift vouchers will be purchased from various different outlets, and we will set up an application page for people to apply for the vouchers. Depending on the number of applications, we may have to allocate these on a lottery basis, but we will release details of this shortly.


We will be running a total and will update this weekly to allow you to see how much money has been raised, and once we complete, we will be purchasing vouchers and posting the names of those businesses that have been supported.


Please note that Heist will take no money from this, we will not be buying vouchers for our own venue, as we feel that we can use our successful online platform that you guys have been using over the past month, to help those who are unable to utilise online sales.


We will only deduct the payment processing fee, which is around 2%, this is to allow us to continue running the scheme for as long as possible.


Heist would like to thank you again for your continued support throughout all of this, we have another exciting fundraising project which will go live around the middle of May, and will be directly linked to a portion of sales from a particular item which we are yet to announce, so keep your eyes peeled!

NHS Voucher Scheme


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